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We Chat Lingerie With KISSKILL Designer Jane Carrodus

Jane is one of the powerhouse females behind the Australian Brand KissKills. One of the favourite brands here at Tease. They boast femininity and a punch a little vixen in there too. We sat down with her to ask her a few questions about her sultry self, the brand, how she became a designer. "Kisskill is a new Melbourne boutique brand specialising in lingerie. Kisskill intends to define the difference between underwear & lingerie. Kisskill is not about underwear - worn simply for function...
June 16 2016 0 Continue reading

We Chat Positive Body Image with Chelsey Luren Portraits, Tease Lingerie, Suicide Girl & Model Jaden Sware-Stevenson

We sat down with one of our go to boudoir photographers Chelsey Luren. We chatted about her favourite lingerie to shoot, and learned about the impact boudoir photography provides for women. Read as we discuss her view on positive body image and how a photoshoot can alter your view about yourself for a life time !!     Tease: Tell us a little about yourself and your boudoir company! Chelsey:  I have created a business that specializes in helping women to feel confident and beautiful. As...
June 08 2016 0 Continue reading

Why Lingerie is A MAJOR KEY

Why lingerie is a major key...     Victoria Secret angels that grace the runway year after year always inspire me. The glamour of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Dita Von Tease’s magical confident and sexy performances. I also love obsessing over, over the top Chanel runway shows, and La Perla $1000 couture like bra sets.   I suppose their confidence and glamour speaks to me almost in the same way lingerie speaks to me.   The first time I ever wore lingerie I didn’t buy it. I stole...
April 14 2016 0 Continue reading

Make Lingerie Shopping Easy

Frustrated trying to find your lingerie size on the Internet? Don’t give up! We have the answers.     FIRST TIME BUYING ONLINE? Online lingerie purchases may seem a little skeptical the first time. But we promise you there are many benefits. Here is why online lingerie shopping is like friends with benefits: Buy whatever you want without judgment, in the privacy of your own home. Sometimes walking around the store with those super sexy panties can make your face 50 shades of pink. “Excuse ...
October 03 2014 0 Continue reading

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