We Chat Positive Body Image with Chelsey Luren Portraits, Tease Lingerie, Suicide Girl & Model Jaden Sware-Stevenson

Nicole Vicente

Posted on June 08 2016

We sat down with one of our go to boudoir photographers Chelsey Luren. We chatted about her favourite lingerie to shoot, and learned about the impact boudoir photography provides for women. Read as we discuss her view on positive body image and how a photoshoot can alter your view about yourself for a life time !!  


Tease: Tell us a little about yourself and your boudoir company!


I have created a business that specializes in helping women to feel confident and beautiful. As the Owner and Principal Photographer of Chelsey Luren Portraits, we are able to do this through our boudoir and glamour portrait sessions.


Tease: Boudoir is a very personal and intimate experience for women, how do you encourage them to feel comfortable?

First of all, I make sure that I meet each and every one of my clients before they’re photographed. Making a connection with my clients is a top priority. If they cannot be comfortable with me, it will impact how the final images turn out, bottom line. I want my clients to love their images. I want my clients to have the best possible experience. I want my clients to walk away on cloud nine, so I strive to really get to know them and have them know me. Secondly, I give a LOT of direction. I pose people from their eyelashes down to their toes. I direct expression, how to breathe, how to move, where to look, where to place their hands and so on. There is no such thing as a person who is not photogenic. Anyone who says that they aren’t photogenic, simply hasn’t found the right photographer. They need a photographer who will direct them in poses, expressions, angles and lighting that suit them best. And that is an area I excel at.



Tease: You see a lot of lingerie, what are some of your favorite pieces and brands?

 I absolutely love body suits. A one piece is absolutely beautiful and flatters every body type, every height, every weight. In essence, every woman needs to own one.
As far as favourite brands go, there are so many that are beautiful in design, quality and aesthetic. However, I am in LOVE with La Perla. Their work is exquisite, and every piece I see, I swoon for. They always top my list of favourites.

Tease: We often speak of encouraging women to feel comfortable with their body image, do you feel a boudoir shoots encourages positive body image?


Absolutely! I personally struggled with an eating disorder and poor body image for over a decade. To celebrate my recovery I had done a shoot of my own (this was also my intro to boudoir photography). It completely changed my life. From my photoshoot, a career was born and a new woman emerged after I saw my portraits. It was the first time in my life that I not only felt attractive, but truly beautiful from the inside out. It changed the entire direction of my life and helped me feel confident in a way I didn’t know was possible.


Tease: What advice can you give first time ladies that are interested having a boudoir photo- shoot?
Reach out to a photographer who’s work you love and get to know them. No matter who you choose as a photographer, do not decide based on a dollar amount, or who is a bargain. Find a photographer that you trust, someone who you are comfortable with, and who’s work you love. If you do not trust and feel comfortable with the person behind the camera, it will be seen in the images and you will not like the final outcome. A boudoir session is an investment in your future and something that only grows in value over time. Opt for the photographer that you feel matches the style of your dream photoshoot and make the investment. If that photographer is me, great. If that photographer is someone else, that’s also great. But follow those steps and you won’t regret it.


Tease: Do you have a creative process before shoots? And what is your dream photo-shoot look like?


One of the biggest inspirations I find comes from the connections and conversations I have with my clients. I love having conversation about things people are passionate about. I want to know what makes you tick. What makes you get out of bed in the morning. Where is your heart. I don’t care about the weather. Small talk is for suckers. Getting real is inspiring. I make sure that I can spend the hour that my clients are in hair and makeup before their shoot to hear about their hopes, dreams, fears, wants. Give me vulnerability, and I give you creativity. That is my creative process and how I am able to present my clients with my best work. A creative shoot that I have been dreaming of doing for years looks like this: Sheer white lace dress, with olive green lingerie underneath. Photographed in the forest, surrounded by beautiful, natural light. Completed with a smokey eye and BIG brushed out curls. Be still my heart, the image in my mind of this shoot blows me away.



Tease: Any other thoughts you want to share with our readers before we say goodbye?

First, if you are waiting for the perfect time to do a session and say “Oh once I lose X pounds”, “Once I have someone to give the fine art to”, “I’m too scared to do that”, STOP IT. You are beautiful now. You deserve to feel beautiful now. You don’t need to feel great for anybody other than yourself and you don’t need anyone’s permission. Do this for yourself. Do this for the children in your life so that they know they are allowed to feel beautiful too. You have this one life. Do this for you, and do it now. Exist in photographs.
Secondly, thank you for having interviewed me. I love the work that you do, I am so honoured to be a part of your world!


Thanks Chelsey for being so open and discussing so honestly. Chelsey is a positive light in the boudoir photography world. Standing by her motto " Your gorgeous, let me help you feel it". She strives to create images that will boost your confidence and that you will love forever.  How can you not want that!?
If you are looking for a boudoir photographer in the Vancouver area
you can find Chelsey through Chelsey Luren's Website 
Follow her on social media here:


Here are some images we shot with Jaden Sware-Stevenson a Suicide Girl and Model.  We met Jaden for the first time a few months ago and love her down to earth personality and love for modelling. She's a local Vancouverite and we seem to keep running into her ! ( No complaints ) 
Here are the images from Chelsey and Jaden wearing our newest items from our brand UYE SURANA.  Uye Surana (pronounced Yoo Sur-ah-nah) is a New York based and manufactured lingerie and clothing label that weaves ethereal beauty, femininity, and an effortless attitude into wardrobes and lingerie drawers. Each design utilizes high-quality materials – airy silks, easy mesh, and intricate lace – assembled by hand with meticulous craftsmanship right at home in NYC.    


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