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Tease Lingerie
If I want to describe Tease Lingerie, I would say, “it’s a multi-brand lingerie store.” We are based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. We are female owned and operated. We embrace other female designers, creating #GirlPower from all around the world! But that’s not where we stop. We source our favorite brands and items from all around the world and make them available to order straight to your doorstep. You might say, “ Isn’t that just online shopping?”Not for us. We source. We research. We pursue. We are on a lingerie witch-hunt to find items we are obsessed with. Items “tried and true” to complete one goal.
Staying Sexy
We already know you’re sexy. So that being said… How can we help? Persuade your naughty alter ego. (Beyoncé has one: Sasha Fierce!) Feed your confidence with new amazing lingerie. Inspire a quick dance number in front of the mirror (we have a playlist for that). And lastly, reward your well-behaved spouse.

This is me, Nicole

I am the owner of Tease Lingerie. When I started Tease I didn’t want any basic–sh*t. (Pardon my French but the best lingerie does come from France.)
I didn’t want assembly line lingerie. That means mass produced items. Your little sister has it, your cousin, and your friend’s friend from Alaska. I like my lingerie unique; like me. And slightly exclusive. But can I afford atelier lingerie from Paris, France? “Not today” I would say with optimism.
So I started to search
I ordered lingerie from Los Angeles, New York, Australia, and United Kingdom. Different styles from all around the world. I made all my girlfriends try on this lingerie.
I took notes. How does it fit with big boobs, small boobs, fake boobs, and real boobs? Hips, no hips, long torso, short torso, size 2, size 8. This gave me an insight into the most universal lingerie items. (When I said our selection was tried and true, I meant it.)
My quest to find lingerie was committed. I wanted to find comfortable, affordable, quality lingerie. That was suitable for everyone. Lingerie that is unique, sometimes handmade, and designed for females by females.
And here we are
Almost 2 years later we ve a selection of over 35 items and growing. Each month we add one-two new items. And we are still inspiring women to embrace their sexuality and #StaySexy

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