Frustrated trying to find your size on the Internet? Don’t give up! We have the answers.


Online lingerie purchases may seem a little skeptical the first time. But we promise you there are many benefits. Here is why online lingerie shopping is like friends with benefits:

  1. Buy whatever you want without judgment, in the privacy of your own home.

Sometimes walking around the store with those super sexy panties can make your face 50 shades of pink.

“Excuse me where are the crotch less panties?”

  1. Save money! Brick and mortar stores carry a lot of excess baggage. The kind that affects your price.

But fear not, online retailers have less overhead so, more savings for you!

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  1. Shop at your convenience.

24 hours a day 7 days a week, 1440 minutes a day.

No line up, no pesky parking lot problems, no emotionally unstable sales clerks.

GETTING STARTED (Shopping for your lover)

If you are a man shopping for your women, a women shopping for your women, or whatever your fancy is…

Rummage through their favorite clothes and start reading tags!
This can give us information on how to help you shop for your loved one

Rule 1

  • When buying lingerie, remember it runs small. These are tiny pieces of fabric meant to cover next to nothing with do-dads and gizmos attached to keep it together.
  • Generally lingerie fits smaller.

Rule 2

  • If you are unsure between two sizes always go up. Never down.
  • What is “one sizes fits all?” – This item is designed to stretch and has a 99% success rate.
  • Factory directions say this is meant to fit someone from 100lbs – 150lbs.

Sizing Rules (Usually)

  • X-Small - Size 0-2
  • Small - Size 2-4 and dress sizes 6-8
  • Medium - Size 4-6-8 and dress sizes 10-12
  • Large  - Size 10-12 and dress sizes 12-14


These amazing wonders require hard hot facts. 

If you are buying a bra there are two facts you need to know, what size band and what size cup.


Band + Cup = Size  

34 + C = 34C

The cup sizes range from A, B, C, D, DD, DDD and so on.

You then combine the two and voila`… a size is born! 


95% of thigh highs and pantyhose listed on the Internet are One Size.


5% here we go!

  • S\M would fit ladies sizes 0, 2, 4,
  • M\L would fit ladies sizes 6, 8, and 10

Some of our Hosiery is sized:

  • 2 would fit ladies sizes 0,2
  • 3 would fit ladies sizes 2, 4
  • 4 would fit ladies sizes 4, 6, 8


There are plenty of other countries trying to sell to the American/Canadian market that may not understand American sizes.

  • Do not skimp on a measly $3 to sacrifice quality.
  • Nine times out of nine you will get burned. 
  • Our items are quality assured & size assured.
  • We research carefully to give you the best sizing recommendations and provide information for each item.

If you have questions, chat with our Lingerie Advisors via our chat application.

They can answer any questions you have.

You can simply ask:

“I am a 34C what size will I need for the Chiara Bralette?”


“I wear a size 4 pants what size underwear will I need?”

OH NO MOMENT! This does not fit!

I thought I would fit into a small but now that I’ve opened my package I’m totally going to need a large” - yes we all have these moments and we get it all the time.

Whatever you do, do not put it on your BARE caboose! Please wear underwear when trying on garments for the first time.

If you think you want to exchange it contact us immediately!




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